Long time no blog

In recent weeks I have turned my attention inward a bit, focusing on the details of our own eportfolio project and some of the main areas of my summer responsibilities. Work continues in the eportfolio effort, though it’s a bit less visible.


  1. Done. Not much new in the last couple weeks, at least in terms of visible stuff. Some meetings and planning continues. We’re hoping to launch a smallish pilot for Fall, with perhaps 6-8 faculty including eportfolio in a course or two. We have folks who have done some eportfolio work on their own; the hope is to bring this together.

  2. Michael — would you consider adding a link to your install in your sidebar? I’d love to keep checking it out from time to time, and I’m sure others would, too.

    I know I’ve mentioned this before, but in the coming months I’d very much like to start working with you and others running WP around the CUNY system to discuss ways in which the Commons can begin serving as a central hub/aggregator for your work.

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